The Ontario Tech Engineering Society hosts a variety of engaging events throughout the year, below you will find multiple upcoming key events; but don't worry if these aren't for you. We also host multiple other events such as Human Vs Zombie competitions, Faculty BBQs, Bob Ross Paint Nights, Four Dimensional Movies and much more. We are always looking to hear from students so if you have an idea for an event, contact us!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions some annual events may not happen this year. Please keep updated on the Ontario Tech Ready For You website.


Ontario Tech Engineering Conference, or OTEC, aims to empower and inspire students to take charge of their futures. Sessions and activities will provide aspiring engineers with resources and connections that will enrich their career.

Location: Gathertown
Date: March 5th - 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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Previous Events


Join us on October 21 from 7:30PM to 8:30PM to attend the SAGM and learn more about our initiatives, make your voice heard, and potentially vote on what you would like to see happen with our Engineering Society. The link to join the SAGM will be in our bio closer to the date. Invite your engineering friends and engineering family, and help us build a better engineering society for you!

Location: Zoom and UB2080
Date: October 21st - 7:30-9:30 PM

Sewing Night

With the invention of the button, comes the need to reattach them and Mom ain’t here to do it for you anymore. Join us on Twitch to learn to sew or just engage in a fun Stitch and Bitch for an evening.

Location: Online

Cooking Class with Nat and Dori

This wonderful event will help introduce you to your new career in the culinary arts, or maybe just help you find your way around a kitchen. Join our execs on Twitch and learn to cook a meal or two.

Location: Twitch
Date: September 17th - 5:00-7:00 PM

WTF is a Capstone?

This year we are trying to mix things up with a fun way to introduce folks to our society. This online scavenger hunt will task participants to search for special items throughout our social media accounts.

Location: Google Meets

Bob Ross Paint Night

You know what they say “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents” and it's no accident we are hosting this wonderful event. Come join us as we take a journey with Bob Ross and learn to paint one of his wonderful scenes together.

Location: Google Meets
Date: September 15th - 7:00-9:30PM

Online Scavenger Hunt

This year we are trying to mix things up with a fun way to introduce folks to our society. This online scavenger hunt will task participants to search for special items throughout our social media accounts.

Location: Instagram and Facebook


It's the Event and Collaboration you didn't know you NEEDED this semester and IN PERSON! Join EngSoc, WIT, and BITSoc for our FIRST ever HACKATHON! We will have two division, Junior and Senior
Junior Division: Students with Little to No experience in any programming language or have taken less then 3 programming courses.
Senior Division: Students with experience in any programming language or that have taken more then 3 programming courses

Location: SIRC
Date: March 19th

Yearly Events

Engineering Gala

Once a year the Ontario Tech Engineering Society hosts a formal gala to celebrate the ending of another academic year as well as all of the amazing accomplishments of our members. It is not an event you want to miss so click here to learn more; or to check in for any updates.

March 2022

GEARS Orientation

To introduce new engineering students to the campus, the GEARS Community organizes an orientation in which provides a full day of activities including bubble soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, student panel and many more entertaining events. Students living in Simcoe Village and South Village are encouraged to join the full day of events before the school year starts.

September 6th 2021

Car Smash

The car smash started as a frosh event back in 2017. This event was aimed as an engaging mental health approach for our incoming first year students. We had markers that students will use to write their fears, insecurities, and doubts on the vehicles for later to proceed to “smash them away”. This creates a fun interaction while easing the nervousness that this High School to University transition might have. For students that might not want to participate in the Car Smash we provided a car show as well with music and popcorn. Since then, the car smash has become an annual event hosted by EngSoc in frosh week in September.

Patch Scavenger Hunt

The Engineering Society manages a variety of merchandise in which a part of it are patches. Patches are a nationwide engineering student tradition in which we take part of. At our Scavenger Hunts we will be featuring other school’s patches from time to time, but mainly our patches for students to seek.

Reverse Career Fair

The reverse career fair is a unique event for the engineering students at Ontario Tech University.This event takes all conventional job fairs and switch it around to address that issue and create more opportunities for student-employer interaction for our membership.
The way the reverse career fair works is that instead of employers setting tables for students to approach them, it is the other way around. What does this mean you ask? This means that we fill the gym with tables for students to showcase their projects and themselves while numerous employers approach them directly.

4D Movie

The 4D movie allows the total immersion of the classic movie twister. While attending the movie students will be given a poncho as just like in the movie it might be getting a little wet. Using the wind tunnel we can crank up the speed of the wind and rain to make it seem like your really in a twister!