Get Involved

"Doing more than classwork was the most fulfilling and benefical part of my time at Ontario Tech" -- Anonymous Graduate

What is offered?

The Ontario Tech Engineering Student Society provides a diversity of opportunity for involvement and leadership. We strive to offer students opportunities such as leadership and politics, project management, corporate relations, and student community engagement. Between clubs, design teams, sub-societies, and multiple leadership conferences per semester; there is a way for everyone to get involved and grow as a future engineer, and person.

Why Get Involved?

“Why should I get involved? Why not just focus on my academics alone and graduate with no involvement? Does it actually help?” These questions are important to answer as our students need to know the benefits to getting involved. Having experience managing a team of people, managing a budget, planning and executing tasks while adhering to a timeline, thinking outside the box to get things done, writing policy, working in a team, and a lot more of skills that you can extract from involvement opportunities on-campus!

These questions are understandably fair for students to ask, and for us to answer these questions we are going to ask one… When applying to a job after graduation, what will the hiring manager be looking for on your resume?

We are also partnered with provincial, national, and international organizations that offer involvement opportunities to our students as well!


Through attending conferences, students are able to gain access to a multitude of resources and opportunities as well as expand their knowledge through networking and meeting with professionals from a variety of different industries. Conferences also have the ability to let students meet with students from other universities and exchange information about best practices that student delegates can takeback and present ideas to their peers.

These conferences also bring forth ideas that can be implemented and improved at your school/industry such as your Engineering Society, Diversity, Education and Sustainability. These new ideas test your problem solving skills and help build character that is beneficial in the workplace. When you create a solution to these problems you can then bounce your ideas off of your peers who will provide feedback and new perspectives on the problem and your solution. In addition at conferences you may also find what people are doing in other fields can be integrated to fit your needs or goals. Lastly each conference provides a unique and fun social aspect allowing you to spend time with and enjoy with the other delegations